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What We Ache For

(Moon Tide Press, 2010)

In Eric Morago's first full length collection of poetry and prose, he explores desire in such a way that invites the reader behind the curtains of his own heart in order to show the journey of want. What We Ache For is a roadmap, reminding us of the bumps and ghost towns we all had to drive through, in order to get any where that was ever worth going. 

"How long before we miss the thunder...  This questions stays with you from the first time you read it in Eric Morago's new collection, What We Ache For.  Prepare yourself for a trans-human experience of love and wonder, as these poems make vivid the super-heroic demands of every heart.  Alternately formal or boundless, Morago uses every tool in the box to buil a book that stands for a second and third reading."

~Brendan Constantine

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I Don't Like Straws

(Melody Maker Productions, 2010)

Eric Morago teams with Melody Maker Productions to release a spoken word studio album featuring original music by David Gielan.  Sixteen poems/tracks, each offering something deliciously different to the ear. 

"I have watched Eric study, write, perform, re-write, perform and perfect until poems now emerge which are as meticulous, original, and effective on the page as they are mesmerizing at the microphone."

~Gerald Locklin

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Feasting on Sky

(Paper Plane Pilots, 2016)

Feasting on Sky is a collection of poems that explores the complexity of mental health with a delicate balance of humor and heart. In his second full-length collection of poetry, Eric Morago shows the reader ghosts of all shapes and sizes, but in doing so, offers hope to the haunted by giving them a clear flight plan for healing.

In the tradition of Robert Lowell and the Confessional Poets, Eric Morago mines the trauma of contemporary life and relationships to find his way (and redemption) in the poems of Feasting on Sky. His is a voice both personal and relevant to a generation: it raises pop culture to a higher standard with such poems as Big Foot’s To-Do List and You’re a Good Zombie, Charlie Brown—yet underneath its sardonic humor we find tenderness in these poems and a road map to wisdom. 

~Laurel Ann Bogen

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